Find Amazing Goods from these and other Door County Entrepreneurs and Artists:

Rêve Calme: Makers of luxury pillow sprays and bath salts.

FabricART by mARTha: Maker of beautifully ice-dyed clothing and scarves. Ice-dying provides beautiful marbled and flowery results, often described as Monet paintings.

Bayview Organics, LLC.: Makers of artisan botanical soaps made with plant based and essential oils, aroma therapy soy candles, hand crafted wooden cutting boards and more.

Good Morning, Door County: A delightful children’s book by author Ann Heyse, a poet and published essayist. Illustrated by mural artist Karen Wilke Heyse. Who also illustrated Goodnight St. Louis. The #1 selling book in St. Louis two years in a row.

Indigo Artisan Jewelry: Original designs, beautifully handcrafted of metal clays in copper, bronze or silver. 

Interfibers Studio & Gallery by Wendy Carpenter: A long time Door County resident artist creating beautiful fiber wall sculptures. An expression to honor people, nature, and our differences. Executing this symbolic abstract-literal interpretational art through hand weaved fiber forms, color, and tactile materials. She is also creator of hand cut and polished geode jewelry.

Hillside Pottery by Tom Conard:

David Heilman Photography: